W.A. Mozart's 3rd Horn Concerto performed on alto trombone:

A piece for trombone and loop station that I composed:

The world premiere performance of Yellowknife composer Carmen Braden's Ghost of a Giant in the Ground for trombone and percussion:

Canadian composer Jocelyn Morlock's Torsion for trombone and piano (sheet music available here):

Prince Edward Island composer F. Jane Naylor's Be Strong and Strengthened for trombone and piano (sheet music available here):

Nexus percussionist Bill Cahn's Sonata for Trombone and Three Percussion:

Polish composer Zygmunt Stojowski's romantic Fantasie, Op. 27 for trombone and piano:

Canadian composer Elizabeth Raum's Fantasy for trombone and piano (sheet music available here):

Norwegian composer Arne Nordheim's The Hunting of the Snark for solo trombone:

Beethoven's 12 Variations on a theme from Handel's "Judas Maccabeus" for trombone and piano (originally for cello):

Moravian Baroque composer Gottfried Finger's Sonata for alto trombone and piano:

Anthony Genge's Trio for trombones (overdubbed at home in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic):

Dylan Menzie's Lost in Dreams video, on which I conduct the string orchestra:

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