Trombone sites

International Trombone Association

Trombone Catalogue at Hickey's Music

TAP Music Sales - Great source for trombone CDs.

Sheet Music Plus - Some great sheet music finds here. - Trombone excerpts in GIF format, with MP3 audio examples.

Trombonis Australis - Gregory van der Struik's excellent website dedicated to Australian trombone music.

Finnish Works for Trombone - Valtteri Malmivirta's annotated list of Finnish music for trombone. Note: this link no longer works, which is too bad, as this was a really fantastic resource. If anyone knows where to find it now, please let me know.

Music for Brass - Catalogue of solo and ensemble sheet music for brass, available for download.

Yamaha Trombones - Trombone products available from Yamaha Music Canada.

Online Trombone Journal - Articles, classifieds, and pedagogical resources.

The Trombone Forum - Discussions on all things trombone, plus classifieds.

Canadian composition

Canadian Music Centre

Canadian League of Composers

Association of Canadian Women Composers

Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects


Renewable Lifestyles - PEI's Renewable Energy Outlet.

Quit Smoking Community - Brass playing and smoking don't mix. If you need help quitting, check out this online community and learning hub for smokers in search of inspiration and information.