Trombone / Brass sites

Brass Out Loud - a non profit organization dedicated to promoting inclusivity in the brass playing community. Serves as a hub linking to many related resources.

International Trombone Association

Trombone Catalogue at Hickey's Music

Sheet Music Plus - Some great sheet music finds here. - Trombone excerpts in GIF format, with MP3 audio examples.

Pine Grove Music - My sheet music publishing venture featuring Canadian trombone music.

Finnish Works for Trombone - Valtteri Malmivirta's annotated list of Finnish music for trombone was a really fantastic resource. If anyone knows where to find it now, please let me know.

Music for Brass - Catalogue of solo and ensemble sheet music for brass, available for download.

Yamaha Trombones - Trombone products available from Yamaha Music Canada.

Online Trombone Journal - Articles, classifieds, and pedagogical resources.

Trombone Chat - Discussions on all things trombone, plus classifieds.

Canadian composition

Canadian Music Centre

Check out Picanto, CMC's premier video platform for creative Canadian music.

Canadian League of Composers

Association of Canadian Women Composers

Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects


Great Cycle Challenge - Every summer since 2018, I have been cycling to raise money to fight kids' cancer.

Living Off the Grid and Loving It! - My family's home for over a decade.

Renewable Lifestyles - PEI's Renewable Energy Outlet.