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Terry Wright

Belleville, Ontario, Canada

October 2, 2007

"Love the site, it gives me plenty of insite into all things trombone. As a 61 year old man with eye and brain damage with a desire to relearn the trombone, this is a place to be."

Kirk White

Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

May 22, 2007

"Hi Dale, Very cool web-site. I look forward to seeing you soon. Any new trails?"

David DeRouen II

Summerville, USA

April 9, 2007

"Brilliant site! Thanks for the providing good info."

Richard Gagnon

Montréal, Québec, Canada

April 7, 2007

"Hi just to let you know that I recorded a CD with six trombones and a rhythm section and I have 10 compositions for that ensemble and some members of the band wrote music as well so in total I have 25 titles including some jazz standards arranged specially for this ensemble. my site www.RichardGagnon.net. Thank you."

Douglas Millar

New York, NY, USA

March 4, 2006

"Dale, How random is this? I googled 'repertoire list' because I'm updating mine and I'm trying to figure out the best format. And there you were on the first page of results. Haha! (Impressive list, by the way--but mostly I just wanted to say HI! Hope all is well."

Claudio Hurard

Asuncion, Paraguay

August 2, 2005

"I am just visited your excelante home page. Gratulation for your good work. Paraguai Py Mercosur." Rotary 4840 Asuncion Catedral

Jake Sorensen

Dover, NH, USA

June 12, 2005

"Hey Dale, I was just browsing through some Sorensen home pages, and came across yours. Your music sounds great. I used to play trombone in my high school jazz band. And my last name is Sorensen. Not exactly a mind blowing coincidence, but I thought worthy of a quick note! Keep up the great music!"

Kurt Silver

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

December 5, 2004

"nice web site Dale, I found the rep list to be VERY useful. Here is ours [The Original Boneheads, aka The St. Louis Trombone Quartet]"

Jill Corbin

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

August 4, 2004

"Hi Dale: Ran across your web page while looking online at the Buzz. Good to see you again. I am currently teaching in Dartmouth. Keep up the good work it looks like you have been very busy the past few years!"

Kyle Miller

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

May 18, 2004

"Hi! After coming across your page about a week ago (in search of tips for playing lip slurs), I saw you in person on the weekend at the Rose Bowl competition at UPEI. I play trombone with the Halifax Schools Symphony Orchestra and we attended the concert because our conductor, Gary Ewer, was one of the adjudicators. Lovely concert, lovely island, and best of luck!"

Vishal Bhatt

Ahmedabad, India

March 30, 2004

"Hi! I stumbled onto your site while looking for a listing of trombone concertos. I couldn't help but notice that we have a teacher in common."

Steve Bennett


March 19, 2004

"G'day, Thanks for the tips on trombone glissandos. I'm just beginning to compose for big band, and the info was exactly what I was looking for. You might consider further reducing the information to a single staff containing every playable gliss. When I was chatting to one of the trombone players after the band played the first draft of a piece, he pointed out some other things I hadn't thought of. For instance, I hadn't appreciated that the trombone "speaks" very slowly in the bottom range. The sharp "boom" sound I expected came out as a "pthhbbbbwmmmmmmm". So you might consider adding some info about register and dynamics etc."

[Dale's note: I don't usually post responses here, but I just have to respond to the comment about trombones speaking late. It is not always the case that trombones speak late in the low range; in fact, trombones can be quite punchy down there. Too often we trombonists hear from conductors that we're late, and begin to believe that that's just the way it is, instead of doing something about it. I work really hard with my students to eliminate that stereotype. It does take a little more effort to achieve than it would for a trumpeter, say, but it is possible, indeed preferable, to begin notes on time. Neither players nor conductors should settle for less.]


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

February 16, 2004

"Very nice site! My family runs a website as well: Toronto Garage Doors. I am not a genius webmaster, but I tried a stab at making my girlfriend's Toronto Babysitter website. Anyway, feel free to visit us as well! Good luck in the future!"

Russell Gillie

Minneapolis, MN, USA

December 9, 2003

"Great site! I was looking for program notes on Stjepan Sulek. As I was browsing, I found the Shostakovich preludes I heard about. Thanks."

Rick Lundquist

Jamestown, NY, USA

November 25, 2003

"Great site! I am looking for a recording of the Blazhevich Concerto No. 2 for trombone. Any suggestions?" - [ed. note: I know of none - anyone out there have one?]

Dave Begnoche

Chicago, IL, USA

November 14, 2003

"Great list of trombone recording! Thanks"

Paul Nelson

Grand Forks, ND, USA

August 21, 2003

"Lots of valuable trombone info on your page! I've bookmarked it and will be passing it on to my students. Thanks, Dale!"

James Winters

Orono, Maine, USA

August 13, 2003

"Just hi. I was linking Newfoundland and trombone. I'm a jazz trombonist, and part newfy. Greetings."

Dale (Art) Sorensen

Lewisville, NC, USA

June 11, 2003

"Hello Dale, My name is Dale Arthur Sorensen. I came across your site surfing Google for our name. I find it interesting that you are a musician, as I am one as well. I play the F Alto Horn in the Moravian Band here in the Winston-Salem area. My son has the real talent of the family. He started to play Clarinet at 7 years old; he plays piano, cornet, percussion and is starting Baritone for marching band. Maybe one day I will be able to catch you in concert. Take care, Dale Sorensen (Art)"

Steve Stenzhorn

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

December 13, 2002

"Nice site!! I'm a big fan and a fellow trombonist."

Hannah Gray

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

October 6, 2002

"Hi! I stumbled onto your site while looking for a listing of trombone concertos. I couldn't help but notice that we have a teacher in common. Hi Dr. Montgomery!"

Alex Jeun

New York City

August 8, 2002

"hey dale, we've never met, but i am originally from windsor, ontario, where you play with the orchestra. i'm a trombonist who has lived in montreal, and now working in new york city. it's great to know that the WSO is taken care of by such a great sounding trombonist!!! hope to play with you sometime. alex."

Lusiana Lukman

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

May 20, 2002

"Hi Dale, Glad to have found your site on the web, how are you? How's the baby? Hope we can be in touch again soon. I'm working on my website, I'll update you with it soon... Regards, LL"

Armin Rosin


April 24, 2002

"Unfortunately I wrote this excellent list of trombone-works: You have done a wonderful work, very informative."

Marni Stroh

Bradford, Ontario, Canada

January 24, 2002

"Hi Dale, This is a great Website with lots of info. I hope I get an opportunity to hear you play sometime. Marni"

Chip De Stefano

Skokie, Illinois, USA

January 15, 2002

"Congrats on the great site Dale! You probably don't remember me... I was a freshman when you were at NU so many years ago. I'm glad things are going so well for you. Take care!"

Sune Weda


November 14, 2001

"Very informative and useful site!"

Donald Rose

Reedsville, Pennsylvania, USA

October 1, 2001

"Dear Dale, You have done a beautiful job listing recordings. Keep up the excellent work. Don Rose"

Douglas Burden

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

June 18, 2001

"Hello Dale, I was checking out some trombone music from different sites and your list of Canadian compositions for trombone came up as one of the many choices. Congratulations on a very interesting and informative site! I have heard of you through mutual friends but have never met you personally, maybe that will change some time in the future. Regards, Doug"

Don Woody

DuQuoin, Illinois, USA

April 22, 2001

"Outstanding site! Bravo, from a horn player to a trombonist!"

Zud Gaskin

Markham, Ontario, Canada

February 6, 2001

"Dale!!!!! Hope all is well. Good page."

Chris Lalonde

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

October 27, 2000

"Hi Dale. I would love to go back to my "Home" (the Maritimes) and hear you play. It's great to see that you are doing so well. Take care and drop me a line some time."

Peter Collins

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

October 18, 2000

"Hey Dale, Nice website. We miss you in Hamilton, it's just not the same without you. "Hamilton my hooome!""

Randy Hawes

Detroit, Michigan, USA

October 6, 2000

"I loved your website! I am bass trombonist with the Detroit Symphony and hopefully will be releasing a CD this year. I am currently searching for a label. I'll keep you informed."

Allen Molineux

Dothan, Alabama, USA

October 3, 2000

"I hope you enjoyed playing my piece Manipulations and wish you well."

Friedman Yoram


July 31, 2000

Charles Clements

Newton, Iowa, USA

April 21, 2000

"You're doing a great job here Dale. I printed off your discographies to double check my offerings here at www.tapmusic.com
Thanks for the pleasant diversion. Good luck to you."

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